Curcio, E.

Blend Tiger, New York, New York

is a Chemical Engineer and CEO of Blend Tiger, a consulting company working in the blending business and financial modeling. He previously worked as Vice President and CFO at Refinery Automation Institute (RAI), where he transformed the business and increased revenue, as well as created a blending training platform that is considered one of the best in the business. Mr. Curcio is an optimization and modeling specialist with more than 10 yr of experience in the areas of gasoline, diesel, crude and bunker blending, ethanol non-linear property correlations and octane boost, and naphtha and butane blending. He collaborates often with traders and brokers developing custom algorithms within refineries and terminals to boost optimization. He previously worked at Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) in advanced modeling and optimization in the membrane area. Mr. Curcio holds BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering with high honors from the University of Calabria, Italy.

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