Pongboot, N.

Avantium, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Nattapong Pongboot is a chemical engineer with hands-on experience in refining and petrochemical technologies as both licensor and refiner. He is currently a Project Leader under the Refinery Catalyst Testing group at Avantium Catalysis, delivering high-quality catalyst testing services for customers worldwide. He holds an M.Eng. degree in chemical engineering from Kasetsart University. The author can be reached at Nattapong.Pongboot@avantium.com and Nat.Pongboot@gmail.com.

Refinery catalyst selection: Facts and fictions every refiner should know

Pongboot, N., Avantium; Upienpong, T., PTT Global Chemical

Most refiners carefully evaluate their refining catalysts to ensure maximum benefits over the catalyst cycle length.