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Morse, P.

Aspen Technology, Houston, Texas

Paige Marie Morse is the Industry Marketing Director for Chemicals at Aspen Technology. She has significant experience with leading operating companies, including Shell, Dow, Sunoco and Clariant, particularly in R&D, marketing, commercial and strategy roles. Dr. Morse earned a BA degree in chemistry from Kenyon College and a PhD in chemistry from the University of Illinois.

Black swans and gray rhinos: Building future resilience

Aspen Technology: Morse, P.

These are extraordinary days as we collectively work to contain the COVID-19 virus.

When digital transformation hits all four sustainability buckets

Aspen Technology: Morse, P.

Sustainability is emerging as a critical business topic, as many companies focus resources toward lowering emissions, waste and energy use in their production processes. This important concept can apply broadly to company operations, especially when considering the expansive view of the triple bottom line that measures the impact of company operations on profits, people and the planet.

Digital: Digitalization is the next step in chemicals excellence

Aspen Technology: Morse, P.

Digital transformation is a common theme at many industry gatherings and events, as operating companies are more readily sharing their digital success stories and audiences are becoming more comfortable with the digital themes.

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