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Baillie, C.

ART Hydroprocessing, Worms, Germany

Colin Baillie is the Strategic Manager for Distillate Hydrotreating and Renewables at ART, a joint venture between Grace and Chevron. He joined Grace in 2006 and has 18 yr of experience working in the field of FCC and hydroprocessing catalysts. Previously, Dr. Baillie obtained a PhD in chemistry from the University of Liverpool, UK, and an MBA from the Open University, UK.

New catalyst system to produce renewable diesel and SAF

ART Hydroprocessing: Watkins, B.  |  Baillie, C.

Hydroprocessing investments in sustainable fuels are gaining momentum, with a pipeline of up to $50 B expected by 2025 involving more than 250 projects, the majority of which focus on hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids (HEFA).

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