Chin, W.

ARC Advisory Group, Dedham, Massachusetts

Breaking down the silos between energy and asset management

Chin, W., Gillespie, J., ARC Advisory Group

Having them share a common platform offers several advantages

HP Integration Strategies: Installing machine protection systems in hazardous areas

Chin, W., ARC Advisory Group

The plant asset management (PAM) market for production assets, which includes protection and prediction solutions, has spread from traditional turbomachinery to virtually every asset essential for eff..

HP Integration Strategies: Emissions rules demand flexible fuel terminal blending

Chin, W., ARC Advisory Group

There's no avoiding the inevitable; it's time for terminal owner-operators to get ahead of the fuel blending automation curve. The migration of blending to marketing load terminals, and eventually to ..

HP Integration Strategies: Emerging trends in terminal fuel blending solutions

Chin, W., ARC Advisory Group

The optimal blending of crude, gasoline and diesel fuel in refineries continues to be challenging, but the importance of blending is migrating downstream to terminals in the US and will likely increas..

HP Integration Strategies: Field device life cycle information improves plant design, operation and maintenance

Chin, W., ARC Advisory Group

The transparency of accessible information from anywhere at any time will be key to future hydrocarbon processing productivity. However, before we can enjoy these benefits, we need to go back to wher..

HP Integration Strategies: Certified SIS devices increase safety and reduce TCO

Chin, W., ARC Advisory Group

Keeping plants safe requires huge investments in safety instrumented systems (SISs) while balancing the high cost of regulatory compliance. Because of the uniqueness of plant equipment, processes and ..

HP Integration Strategies: Wireless connectivity attractive in the HPI

Chin, W., ARC Advisory Group

Although the benefits of wireless technologies are clear to everyone, there has been little consensus among users and suppliers on how to properly apply wireless technologies in the process industries..

HP Integration Strategies: Leverage LIMS intelligence to improve OpX

Chin, W., ARC Advisory Group

Global turmoil, uncertainty in the economy and low business confidence are reducing consumer demand for products - resulting in excess capacity across virtually every industrial sector...