Chandragupthan, B.

Wood Plc., Chennai, India

Chandragupthan Bahubali works as a Senior Principal Process Engineer at Wood Plc. India (previously Amec Foster Wheeler India Private Ltd.). He has more than 15 yr of post-graduate experience in oil and gas projects. He holds an MS degree in refining and petrochemical engineering from the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies and a BS degree in chemical engineering from Madras University, India. Mr. Bahubali has successfully completed many AIChE certificate courses in process safety as well as many international certification courses. He has also authored numerous papers on flow assurance, gas hydrates, fixed-bed reactors and economics. He can be contacted at or

Restaging/rerating of centrifugal compressors: Fundamentals, practices and challenges

The primary requirement for rerating or revamping an existing centrifugal compressor is to match the new operating requirements, such as increased or decreased flow, increased or decreased head, or a combination of both. Rerating or revamping is necessary where the existing compressor or compressor train is incapable of meeting the new operating requirement efficiently.