Cooper, C.

W. R. Grace, Houston, Texas

Clint Cooper is a Technical Services Manager for Grace W. R. & Co.’s FCC business. In addition to providing technical service for Grace’s North American accounts, Mr. Cooper utilizes his experience in FCC kinetic modeling to support the broader technical service teams. He joined Grace in 2019 with the acquisition of Rive Technology, where he had worked for 5 yr as a Technical Services Manager to commercialize the novel FCC zeolite technology. Mr. Cooper began his career as an FCC Design Specialist for Stone & Webster and Lummus Technology, and holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.

Deliver high levels of SOx reduction with SOx-reduction additive

Baillie, C., Cooper, C., W. R. Grace

The global refining industry continues to move toward more restrictive environmental laws for sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions.