Chevriere, J. P.

Transmar Consult Inc., Houston, Texas

Surviving turbulent times requires deep management changes

Chevriere, J. P., Transmar Consult Inc.; Daily, A., Daily Thermetrics

The Stone Age did not end due to a stone shortage. The Conventional Oil Age was not eclipsed by vanishing traditional oil and gas resources. The Shale Revolution unleashed an era of abundant, new unconventional oil and gas supplies.

Why many experts are wrong in forecasting capital investments and other emerging events

Chevriere, J. P., Munisteri, J. G., Transmar Consult Inc.

The challenge for HPI managements competing for superior foresight is to create hindsight in advance

Are resources at the ready to build the future LNG industry?

Chevriere, J. P., Transmar Consult Inc.

Here are projections on likely market size and constraints facing the participants

The changing hydrocarbon processing industry

Chevriere, J. P., Transmar Consult Inc.

Find out how top executives of some international oil, chemical and engineering companies cope