Ruiz, D.

Soteica Visual MESA, Spain

has 20 years of experience in computer-aided technologies to enable sustainable manufacturing. He joined the Soteica Visual MESA team in 2002 and has participated directly in the implementation of online models for energy optimization in 15 refineries and petrochemical complexes. Dr. Ruiz earned a chemical engineering degree from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional—Facultad Regional Rosario, and a doctorate degree in chemical engineering from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Reducing energy costs while improving efficiency

Ruiz, D., Bolíbar, Á., Ruiz, J. P., Soteica Visual MESA; Morrón, G., Alonso, D., Repsol Química

Better energy management can make the difference between profit and losses. The question facing owner-operators is: how to reduce energy costs while satisfying site energy needs?

Model-based predictive control increases batch reactor production

Cardete, A., Lucio, R., Martinez, R., Munoz, S., Sanz, A., Repsol YPF; Papon, J., Sherpa Engineering; Ruiz, C., Soteica Europe; Ruiz, D., Soteica Visual MESA

Better dynamic control of the temperature in an exothermic chemical reactor allows increasing the injection of reactants