Parvin, E.

Parv Process Consulting and Engineering, Denver, Colorado

Eric Parvin is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Parv Consulting in Denver, Colorado. He has extensive experience in upstream, midstream, refineries, rail car facilities and petrochemicals, with expertise in simulations, towers/trays, flares, debottleneckiing and PSM/PSV evaluations. With more than 24 yr experience, he also serves as adjunct professor at the Colorado School of Mines, is an editorial contributor of the “GPSA Engineering Data Book” and member of API 520 and 521. Mr. Parvin earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from Louisiana State University and is licensed in multiple states and Alberta, Canada.

Isentropic effects: Application and simulation

Parvin, E., Robinson, A., Parv Process Consulting and Engineering

A process safety risk in industry is having unknown problems that are not accounted for.