Fredrick, C.

Merichem Co.,

Cyndie Fredrick has more than 25 yr of experience in downstream, midstream and technology licensing. She came to Merichem after spending more than 7 yr with SNC-Lavalin as the Vice President of engineering, Vice President of operations, and General Manager of the engineers and constructors division. She has also held roles with Exterran and Conoco. Ms. Fredrick earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from the University of Arkansas and an MBA degree from Rice University.

Executive Viewpoint: Now and into the future: Challenges and solutions for the global processing industries

Fredrick, C., Young, K., Merichem Co.

Hydrocarbon Processing sat down with senior-level executives of Merichem Company, Cyndie Fredrick (CF) and Kathy Young (KY), Senior Vice Presidents and General Managers of Merichem’s two business units, to discuss the state of the downstream industry, where it is heading in the future and how their company is helping operators meet their sustainability goals.