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Rao, P. V. C.

Corporate Research and Development Center, Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd., Bangalore, India

Peddy V. C. Rao is the deputy general manager of the HPCL Green R&D Center. He has more than 25 years of research experience in petrochemicals, petroleum/refining processes, catalysis, crude assay and compatibility, product/process development, biofuels and bio and synthetic lubricants, resid upgrading, alternate fuels and analytical sciences. Dr. Rao is responsible for development and commercialization of different products and processes. He holds more than 26 patents, both in India and abroad, and has published 78 research papers in international journals. He holds a PhD in chemical sciences from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Improve refinery profitability by processing low-value streams in a diesel hydrotreater

Corporate Research and Development Center, Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd.: Dhar, P. K.  |  Rao, G. S.  |  Bennet, C.  |  Rao, P. V. C.  |  Choudary, N. V.  |  Valavarasu, G.
Visakhapatnam refinery, Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd.: Madhav, G. V.  |  Naidu, A. T.  |  SriGanesh, G.

Global demand for middle distillates, especially diesel, is increasing.

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