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Giiazov, O.

Chemical Technologies Inc., New York, New York

Oleg Giiazov is the Director of Chemical Technologies Inc. in New York, New York. He has co-invented new technologies for the refining of petrochemicals, including MAX-ISOM, IC7, and C4 ISOM processes. These technologies are licensed by KBR. He also created OptimEase technology, based on artificial intelligence, for operating petrochemical plants in full autonomy mode. Mr. Giiazov is a recognized petrochemical engineering specialist who has earned numerous achievements in his field.

Implement AI to predict the composition of chemical plant feed

Chemical Technologies Inc.: Giiazov, O.  |  Shalupkin, D.  |  Ermulin, A.  |  Stremousov, G.

An important indicator of the technological processes at chemical plants is the composition of the main flows, including feed, products and intermediate flows.

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