Challis, S.

Chalcat Consulting, UK

Steve Challis is a UK-based consultant at Chalcat Consulting Ltd. with more than 30 yr of FCC process experience, including unit design, operations optimization, troubleshooting, incident investigation, turnaround and startup support, and engineer/operator training. Mr. Challis worked with ExxonMobil for more than 20 yr as a process specialist. Since 2009, he has acted as an independent FCC Process Consultant. Mr. Challis graduated from the Imperial College of London with an MSc degree in advanced chemical engineering.

Understanding HCN in FCC: Formation, effects and mitigating options

Riva, S., BASF; Challis, S., Chalcat Consulting

In these challenging times, fluidized catalytic cracking units (FCCUs) aim to improve margins by processing poorer- or different-quality feeds, while maintaining good yield performance.