Baade, W. F.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Allentown, Pwnnsylvania

CO2 capture from SMRs: A demonstration project

Baade, W. F., Farnand, S., Hutchison, R., Welch, K., Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Technical and economic results from this project will be key in determining the most effective path to commercialization.

Predict contaminant concentrations in deaerator-vent emissions

Baade, W. F., Kunz, R. G., Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Here is a tool to estimate maximum concentrations of contaminants in hydrogen-plant condensate

Consider using hydrogen plants to cogenerate power needs

Baade, W. F., Gagliardi, C., Terrible, J., Shahani, G., Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.; Bredehoft, R., Ralston, M., Technip USA

Many forces are reshaping the worldwide hydrogen market; refiners have several options to receive steam and electrical power from a hydrogen plant