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Abazajian, A.

Advisian, Houston, Texas

Armen Abazajian is a petrochemicals, chemicals and fuels technology, market and economics expert with a strong technology background. He has more than 30 yr of experience in consulting, engineering, technology and project development and technology startups. His technical expertise is in gasification, gas reforming, hydroformylation, GTL, CTL, dehydrogenation and olefin oligomers, including alpha-olefins, olefin derivatives, oleochemicals and alternative fuels. He has been granted 12 patents and has published numerous articles in international publications.

Refinery residue and bitumen upgrading: Gasification

Advisian: Abazajian, A.  |  Sloley, A.

Gasifiers take the bottom of the crude barrel and move the residue into the C1 value chain. Refiners have had a variable record of running gasifiers for a time and then shutting them down. Reasons for this include inexperience with gasifier operations, lack of knowledge on how to extract profits from the C1 value chain and market difficulties in catering to clients operating in different business environments.

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