Hydrocarbon Processing Online Feature: Raman spectroscopy: The new standard in oil, gas and petrochemical laboratories Accurate measurement is more essential than ever in the oil and gas industry. Understanding the chemical composition of raw materials and the consistency of processed products is key to manage processes, reduce risks, and maximize outcomes. Obsolescence management in a manufacturing unit Obsolescence is one of the most detrimental and worrisome issues in manufacturing units. This is predominantly because of rapid advancements in technology. Development of novel epoxy closed-cell foam for personnel and corrosion protection—Part 2 Most industrial assets operating at elevated temperatures require thermal insulation for energy conservation, thermal protection or process stabilization. Why sulfur plants fail: An in-depth study of sulfur recovery unit failures—Part 2 Equipment malfunction or an unplanned shutdown of a sulfur recovery unit (SRU) can have a significant effect on a production company’s profitability, along with an equally serious impact on personnel safety and the environment. Trip your turbine troubles: Optimize the reliability of steam-driven turbines Steam turbines are essential for successful operations in refining and petrochemical plants, such as at the wet gas compressor and regenerator air blower of a fluidized catalytic cracking unit (FCCU). Implement advanced level control techniques to improve crude distillation unit stabilizer performance The performance of refinery operations depends on the stable operation of the plant. Reliability analysis of analyzers bridges the gap between assessing and addressing risk For most refinery facility managers, the demands of running plants efficiently, meeting environmental regulations and maximizing returns on product specifications challenge even the most disciplined professionals. Integrated remote operations drive collaboration and autonomy Sensors, equipment and devices are becoming more intelligent, opening the door for autonomous operations, which is the ability for machines and processes to run while self-diagnosing and handling problems. Optimization of ethylene in the processing of hydrocarbons The measurement of moisture or humidity is very important in most industries, including the petrochemicals sector. Excess moisture in instrument air can cause pipes to rust or pneumatic equipment to malfunction. Emerson unveils architecture vision for ‘Boundless Automation’ Building on a deep legacy of industry-leading digital automation expertise through its Plantweb digital ecosystem, Emerson shared its vision of a new software-defined automation architecture designed to catalyze the future of modern manufacturing.