Hancock, J. M.

Nalco Champion, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands

Jessica M. Hancock joined Nalco Champion in 2009, and is currently a global marketing manager. She provides technical support for petrochemical plant process treatment programs, and stewards the development and launch of innovative treatment programs into the petrochemical industry. Dr. Hancock holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Washington in the US.

Extend ethylene plant run length with compressor chemical treatment

Hancock, J. M., Rodrigues, S., Nalco Champion

An aging ethylene plant historically suffered from plant run length limiting compressor fouling that resulted in a loss of polytropic efficiency and intercooler backpressure buildup.

A chemist’s perspective on organic fouling in ethylene operations: update

Hancock, J. M., Nalco Champion; Robson, I., Vachon, J., SABIC Technology & Innovation

Ethylene manufacturing is a continuous race to be commercially competitive in a volatile global market.

A chemist’s perspective on organic fouling in ethylene operations

Hancock, J. M., Nalco Champion; Van Zijl, A. W., Robson, I., Vachon, J., Hashmi, A., SABIC Technology & Innovation

Since organic fouling cannot be completely eliminated, ethylene producers must use operational, chemical and mechanical methods to minimize heat transfer losses and equipment downtime.